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Sun, Jan. 22nd, 2006, 11:47 pm
a revelation

i feel the need to elaborate further my myspace blog posted tonite. i owe a huge debt of gratitude to my best friend and roommate, julia, for opening my eyes to this wonderful new career path!
julia mentioned tonite she was thinking of becoming a midwife. that alone, i thought, was amazing. but the more amazing part came when she told me about the accelerated nursing degree program offered at uni. @ buffalo, and that, of all people, I COULD TAKE IT. and succeed! i have a bunch of education classes under my belt (which don't help much) but also some core classes. i could return to buffalo state (when i turn 24) and finish these 'core' classes, which include things like statistics, pharmacology, nutrition, etc. and then move on to the 2 yr nursing program, and become a midwife! i just want to organize this in my head, which feels like it's going to explode from the giddy-ness!
reasons midwifery is perfect for me:
1. long ago, in my idealistic days of yore, i dreamt of becoming a pediatritian, until i was frightened away from medicine by my innate lack of interest and/or aptitude in the sciences. today, however, my curiosity for science is strong and i feel like i could excell in the field if i put forth enough (err... a ton of) effort.
2. i love babies. plain and simple. i mean, i am a nanny! (and, as of friday, an AUNT!)
3. i have the utmost respect for the profession, and the idea of the most natural pregnancy/childbirth possible is ingrained in my philosophy of life. my interest in medicinal herbs and natural cures will be well suited.
4 . my roommate has a psych degree and is going into the acc. nuring prog, and her mom is a pharmacologist... my bosses are a mathematitian and a pediatric neurologist. my mother is a pharmacy supplier, very knowledgable. i can start preparing for school tomorrow. literally.
5. the satisfaction being respected as a medical professional.
6. the gut reaction i got from this idea was... just intense, utter joy. what better a way to feel about a possible career? it's just the same as i feel about what i do now, only with the potential for true financial security and the extremely fulfilling, rewarding satisfaction of coaching new life into the world!
ok, it's way past my bedtime, and i have so much to do tomorrow! i'm off. thanks for listening.

Sat, Oct. 29th, 2005, 02:32 am
barbie and the rockers!

ok i just had a fun night out. this hasn't happened in a while, so it's momentous enough to "blog" Ab out. i'm a little tipsy. which also hasn't happened in a while. fun. we went to a halloween party at our friend jakes art space down by the waterfront. it was fanstastic. everyuone was in costiumers, which doesn't alsways happen. i wore rainbrow brite which was my costume from last yaer, but so many people were PSCYCHED on it, 2 people i don;t even know asked for my picture and one dude (scary in michael myers mask) asked me to dance with him. i pretended i was with kit, since jay wasn't around. i don't want to dance with anyone but my friends. or maybe someone cute. this guy wasnt. i saw him without the mask. ew.
so speaking of dancing with my friends, we did! i was so shocked but it was graet, JAY was dancing and at one point even JP did!!! and kit and marcus and jake and jake and of COURSE dana and i.
dana and i are thinking of making jem and the holograms costumes next year. YAY! i always forget holloween is like my favorite holiday until it comes around and then i'm like, oh YEAH, this holiday is GREAT!
ok sorry for the drunk typing. i beeter sleep now! :)
another fun nite is ahead, sarah l.'s going away party. sad occasion, but shoiuld be a fun time!

Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005, 09:14 pm
i guess i'll remember today as...

...the day my grandmother died. it was actually yesterday, could have even been sunday. but i found out this morning from a voicemail left last nite at 10 pm by my mom. right away i knew it was bad news, because mom's always in bed by 9. my grandmother, dad's mom that is, lived in arizona and had been dying for the past 2... or 20 years. apparently (this had been withheld from my knowledge up until about a year ago) she had been a raging alcoholic, which had contributed to a degenerative brain disease of some sort, which undoubtedly kept her from knowing she would have soon been a great grandmother to the child my sister is carrying. it doesn't come as a shock or surprise that she passed, and my main source of grief has been the regret over our utter lack of contact over the past 12 or so years.

Sat, Oct. 8th, 2005, 06:11 pm

yesterday was our first actual cold day... the shitty weather has held off this long... it's october! i mean, it's been like 80 degrees everyday up to now... it's not like we live in LA ferchrissakes. i'm drinking hot apple cider... yum... anyway, my reason for posting happens to be that i am FRUSTRATED as hell trying to make up a stencil of rik mayall as drop dead fred. i couldn't do it in photoshop (i have no idea what i'm doing in there...) and i couldn't do it in appleworks... finally i just printed out the picture... i'll use it to trace and create the stencil in a seriously oldschool manner. mmm... rilo kiley. (i love itunes radio!) well, i've been trying to get this stencil worked out for at least an hour and a half, and i'm pretty much insane right now. im going to clean my room and then come back to it when i'm not so agitated! supposedly the 'grand opening' for sweet and dirty is tonite... she's been open since early september but i guess this is more of a party thing. so apparently we're going to that. my spacebar is sticking! grrr.

Tue, Oct. 4th, 2005, 08:17 am
one love...

all is well with the world again. that was quite a scare. i am really glad we worked everything out. hopefully we can manage not to fight as much. i know we really love each other, it's just stress that makes us both a little crazy.

Thu, Sep. 29th, 2005, 07:54 pm
watching television is stupid...

tonite is my OC night. tv is horrible. but i still watch that show. anyways, i just read the new issue of vice (kill your parents issue) and as usual it depressed me and i'm bumming on every aspect of my life and culture and the future not only of the US (which is fucked) but of the whole world (also fucked.) strangely, i'm still laughing about it.
i just learned that my landlord will subtract the cost of paint from our rent... i want to paint my entire apartment. and stencil, too. stenciling is the new knitting. (just kidding, i'll still knit my ass off.)

Wed, Sep. 28th, 2005, 07:22 pm
it's a birthday party... it's your birthday party... happy birthday darling...

well, it's not quite exactly a birthday party... but it is our four year anniversary... mine and jason's i mean. actually, i've been having trouble with the grammar on that all day... "mine and jason's anniversary" "jason and my anniversary" "me and jay's anniversary" "jason and mine" what??? i am confused. grammar. what the heck. anyway, four years is a long time. if things had gone as planned, i would be graduated from college now... but instead i am a member of the working class and spend bedtimes in conversation until 1 am about the purposelessness of my life. but ENOUGH of that. this is the first day of my life. (can you tell i'm listening to "i'm wide awake it's morning"?) everything could change today. (it won't but it makes me feel slightly better to tell myself that.) well, jason is not even here, he's at a hockey game with his uncle. we plan to spend more time together tomorrow. or friday. or something. yeah, i was hoping for a little more... something. i don't know what. but i guess i can't complain too much, i haven't even finished his card.
for some reason i thought i'd be really into blogging on livejournal. but i can't bring myself to give a shit.